Logo Mats

Logo Mats Custom Made

Our Logo floor mats and logo door mats proudly showcase your custom logo or crest in rich detail. And with rugged, deluxe material options like our school spirit outdoor mats and military high traffic mats, heavy foot traffic will never wear down your mats—or your spirit. Express the excellence within your walls by exploring our customizable commercial and residential  floor mats collection today.

With Logo Mats unique inlay process, the logo or message is specially cut out of different carpet colors. These carpet sections are then pieced together and bonded to a rubber backing to create a beautiful, long -lasting and practical image mat for any workplace. Select from 18 attractive colors in a large variety of sizes ranging from 1m’x1m′ to 6m’x20m′.  Excellent durability and traction properties. Provides a slip-resistant surface which effectively removes tough dirt, grime and water from feet. Green friendly rubber backing has 20% recycled rubber content.

A logo mat can present your company’s brand name in a style that adds to the overall feel of your store.  Depending on the kind of retail store the logo floor mat can be designed in such a way as to immediately convey the image and experience that your retail store stands for and that you would like your customers to come away with.From an elegant retail store such as high-end merchandise to modern and fun there is a wide range of logos that make an impactful statement and can be used on a floor mat to present your company’s image.

There are some key places you might consider having a logo floor mat in your store that will enhance your retail display.  At the entrance is a great way to welcome and invite your potential customers. A well-designed and good quality logo mat will make a very good first impression which is key. At the service counter is another area that would benefit, where your brand name can be displayed and which will provide comfort for standing. In elevators and throughout the store displaying your company logo can reinforce the store´s image and brand name.

For high-end retail stores you might choose a Premium Inlay Logo Mat or a Jet Print Logo Mat. If it’s a modern and more casual retail store a Vinyl Loop Inlay Logo Mat might be the look that would suit your company best.Whichever type of retail store, having logo mats throughout your store is a powerful way to market your brand name and assure that your customer will remember your company and their experience at your store.

There are many benefits to having a customized logo mat. As a business an impactful way to promote and market your brand name is by having a customized logo mat at the entrance of your place of business. The logo will be a unique symbol of your business. The way it is designed, the colors, the font of the lettering and symbols you choose to have on the mat can say a lot about the style of your business. It can be a formal logo, sophisticated, elaborate, innovative, simple and straight forward, there is a lot of creativity that can go into a a customized logo mat and it will be a representation, the first image that your client will see upon arriving to your business and an opportunity to give your client a good first impression. It is important to have a well thought-out logo mat, that it be designed well, and taken care of, that it be in good condition and clean so as to make a good impression. The image of the logo will stay in your client’s mind long after they have left your offices. Not only will it be a very useful marketing tool but it will keep the inside of your offices clean as the mat is useful for cleaning dirt off of shoes.

  • Up to 19 colors per mat.
  • Logo pieces are hand-assembled and inlaid.
  • Border traps dirt and moisture.
  • Durable, UV resistant
  • Easy to clean! Vacuum, hose off or steam clean.
  • No set-up fees.
  • No art fees.
  • 5 Day Production.