Promotional Mats

Our promotional mats are 100% polyester with an anti-slip rubber backing. Ideal for events, exhibitions, catwalks, promotional flooring, floor mats and more. We make on rolls up to  10m wide. Larger areas of flooring can be panelled together.  Our promotional  mats are designed for short term applications so ideal for events or exhibitions.

Promotional mats will significantly improve your business image. Promotional logo mats provide safety instruction, unique message delivery, colorful detail and are great for décor. They are also quite functional, providing safe coverage for your flooring to keep from chipping and cracking. Depending on placement, they also catch dirt and grime before they track into your building.


  • Up to 5 colours per design from our 21 standard colours
  • Suited to multi-directional high foot traffic applications
  • Stain resistant, colourfast and permanently anti-static
  • Logo design is cut and secured into the base for a high quality image presentation
  • Easy to clean, just vacuum or hose down
  • Texturised polypropylene carpet scrapes dirt & debris off shoes (8mm thick)
  • Bevelled edges for additional stability
  • Suitable in wet and dry areas