Mat Products

Don’t forget the floor when you want your message to cut through

Our range of branded mats , promotional mat, bike mats  and logo mats are  perfect for retail and commercial environments. Perhaps you need to raise awareness of a promotional offer or giveaway, or a calendar event you have coming up? Our throw down custom  floor mats or in-store floor decals are the perfect way to communicate your message.

We offer long term and short term options, based on anticipated message duration and foot traffic.

Don’t forget too, that we produce Runner Mats, perfect for messaging at promotional events and weddings . We will create a mat to your bespoke specs, to properly fit the area intended.Create a lasting, first impression with your company logo at your entrance. Enhance the aesthetics of your business with our wide variety of mats for residential, commercial, and industrial needs all while promoting your company logo and maintaining a cleaner space.

Logo Mats

Logo mats are perfect for businesses wanting to create the right impression. With high resolution colour print, your logo will be bold enough to reinforce brand image and give visitors a warm welcome. We can offer you unique and personalised logo mats perfect for entrance areas, used for indoors and outdoors. Let us help you find the best branded mat for your organisation.

Branded Mats

Branded mats can be used for heavy foot traffic. For extreme cases with very high levels of traffic use the heavy duty branded logo mat. The thicker mat pile provides better wear against frequent use.

Branded mats are also extremely effective at removing dirt and debris, as well as preventing the transfer of dirt, debris and excess water from outside, to your business premises or reception area.


Personalised Logo Mats

Personalised logo mats can help to make the business look professional and well maintained. Not only will our logo mats look great, they will also stop dirt and moisture getting into your premises, keeping it safe and clean. All our logo mats are designed for heavy foot traffic and will keep on performing and looking great for 5 years or more.

Custom Branded Mats

Custom Branded Mats are the perfect way to stylize any indoor entrance. We provide several styles of carpet and utility mats perfect to display your logo, emblem or insignia. Solid color mats are also available.

If you are looking for an effective–and cost-effective–way to promote your brand, you have come to the right place. Custom branded mats are a smart way to put your brand to work for you!

Promotional Mats

Promotional Mats present an excellent opportunity for corporate marketing and brand awareness, giving an ever important first impression at the entrance or event. Manufactured using advanced printing processes, the heavy duty nylon twist fibres used in the mat offer excellent water absorption and dirt trapping functionality. Available in a wide variety of sizes, the mats all have an anti-slip gripper, nitrile rubber backing that prevents the mat from slipping on smooth surfaces

Bike Mats

Motorcycle bike mats / Environmental Bike Mat are are very popular  in the motorcycle sport. At Vantage Branded Mat we custom make bike mats with  all-rubber or carpeted mats.

Popular Bike mats we have made are
BMW Racemat , KTM Racemat, BMW Race Mat, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki Custom Mat and many more.